About Us

The 11plus Centre is an established tutoring centre based at Forest School. We are also an official Chuckra Testing Centre.

11-plus-centre-successful-studentWe specialise in 11 plus tuition. Our approach is based on developing a child’s confidence in their own ability. We want the benefits of our courses to extend beyond the classroom and parental involvement is something we also encourage. We are very passionate in our work and aim to give every child an equal opportunity.

Children are taught in two hour sessions. Groups are no bigger than eight children per tutor; this is because a small group of this size stimulates competition which ultimately improves the performance of children preparing for the 11+. Second, it allows parents to compare their child against others of a similar ability.

At the 11plus Centre we use our own course materials and a wide selection of past practice papers.

Initially students receive very little homework but unfortunately for them this does not last! In each session we begin work from a basic level and then build on the child’s knowledge and understanding in a logical step by step method, this also simultaneously builds their confidence. Classes are structured to cover all the necessary techniques for the eleven plus exams, together with the essential basics of Mathematics and English Vocabulary. Throughout the course we offer an encouraging and motivating environment to bring out the best in your child, whatever their ability.